Hit TV Show Dating In The Dark Asks The Question, Is Love Truly Blind?

Is love truly blind? In this unconventional reality TV show, this age-old question is truly put to the test to examine whether looks really do mean everything when you are searching for true love.
The TV show ‘dating in the dark’ takes a small group of single contestants, half male and the other half female, and places them together in a house that only lets them meet when shrouded under the cover of darkness, before setting them regular dating tasks in order to help them to get to know each other. The aim of this televised experiment is to put to test the concept that ‘love is blind’, and see if singletons who have never seen each other but have instead got to know each other through conversation, smell, taste and maybe even touch can still fall in love? Television audiences then get to witness the often dramatic results when the couples are then exposed to each other in broad daylight – a scene that often makes for interesting television viewing.

Have You Ever Considered Dating In The Dark?

Since its first airing on TV, this unique television series has gone on to be broadcasted in over twenty different countries, including Australia, the US and the UK. The show has become a great success with television audiences, as the show provides audiences with a fascinating insight into the workings of love, and sometimes the cruel emphasis that many people place on the importance of good looks in our image obsessed culture.
As well as the incredible anxiety inducing finale of the show where contestants finally reveal if they want to continue dating someone after seeing them for the first time, audiences are also able to gain enjoyment from the various dating tasks that the contestants are provided with. These tasks – which can be viewed thanks to the aid of night vision cameras, enable viewers at home to watch the often humorous encounters between the contestants as they struggle to find who they believe could potentially be the best looking of the group.

Dating In The Dark Watch Online Today

Viewers of the show should be warned that it is highly addictive, which is perhaps why so many people choose to go online and watch catch-up episodes of the series when they have been unable to catch the latest episode online.
So whether you’re hoping to watch the latest episode on TV, or are looking to have a catch up session on the internet, dim the lights and get cosy because you’re sure to find yourself being thoroughly entertained.